Maintain Your Washer And Dryer With These Easy Steps

how to maintain your washer and dryer

Homeowner who needs appliance repair levittown paWasher and dryer are among the busiest appliances in any home. It’s, therefore, paramount to keep them in good shape to enjoy the convenient services safely and for a longer duration. It is recommended to seek the services of a professional washer and dryer technician if you notice any malfunction or strange humming from your machine. This article highlights the four most common problems with washers and dryers that you should look out for.

The Washer Rattles During The Spin Cycle

Though most machines will occasionally rattle or jiggle due to an unbalanced load, when the rattling is excessive, and the machine shakes or shuts off, then your washer may not be level.

You can use a spirit level to check the alignment of your machine by checking both front to back and side to side levels. You simply need to place the carpenter’s level along with all the four edges of the washing machine and adjust the legs accordingly.

If the level is restored, you can load the machine and run a test load of laundry. If the washer fails to level, seek the services of a qualified technician.

Old Or Worn Out Hoses For Water Supply.

The rubber hoses supplying cold and hot water to your machine can become brittle and break down over time resulting in leakages and flooding.

Check your hoses at least once every year for kinks, stiffness, cracks or brittleness. You can have your professional technician replace the old clads with stainless steel clad hoses or cheaper alternatives with mesh wraps.

It’s also important to keep your machine a few inches from the wall to avoid making kinks on the hoses.

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Your Dryer Takes Longer Than Usual To Dry

If your laundry takes forever to dry or come out with excessive moisture, your dryer vent may have blocked. You can seek the services of a professional dryer technician to clean your dryer vent by first disconnecting the exhaust pipe and clearing any lint.

They will run a flexible brush or vacuum hose through the dryer pipe and get rid of the lint. Also, ensure that the outlet tube if free of obstructions.

Your Washer Produces An Odor

Generally speaking, bacteria accumulation causes odors. Always leave the lid up for the top loader and towel dry the rubber gasket and washer drum in the front loader after removing wet laundry. Use equal parts of vinegar and water for a perfect clean. Keep the door open until the drum is totally dry to avoid molds from developing on your machine.

Taking good care of your washer machine makes it perform optimally and saves you energy costs. Cleaner dryer lint filters maximize the efficiency of your machine. Always use the correct amount and type of washing detergent for your washer in addition to feeding in the right load. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations for loading.

With the help of a professional washer and dryer technician, you can schedule a monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance program for your machines. Every year, they can completely remove and clean out the whole exhaust duct line. Clogged ducts can be disastrous causing thousands of house fires yearly with over $10,000 worth of damage.


Appliance Repair Levittown PA

You never realize how much you use your washer or dryer until it is having issues or quits working altogether. You can prevent from dealing with issues or a full breakdown by following the above steps. Do not attempt a DIY fix. A washer and dryer require the skills and knowledge of a professional appliance repair technician. 

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