Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Works : Troubleshooting Tips

meme of cat standing inside a warm refrigerator

meme of cat standing inside a warm refrigeratorWhen your fridge is not cooling but your freezer works is a serious problem. Lets face it, grocery bills are more expensive now than ever before and nobody wants to loose all their groceries due to a broken refrigerator. Here are some common causes of your fridge not cooling but freezer works.

The refrigerator evaporator coils have frosted up.

When your fridge has this problem, the air can not flow over the coils. When this occurs, the air cannot get cold. The first course of action is to manually defrost the coils. A safe way to defrost the coils is to apply warm air directly to the coils using a hair dryer. Once defrosted, let the fridge run normally.

If the coils frost up again, then you’ll need to look for other problems.  The next step is to inspect the defrost heater assembly to check if it is operating properly, if that checks out, then you’ll need to check to see if the defrost thermostat is working properly. Lastly, you’ll need to inspect the defrost timer. The defrost timer is a device that regulates power to the heating and cooling elements. If the timer is malfunctioning, frost will build up on the evaporator coils.  When you are experiencing these types of problems, you’ll want to call us, your local appliance repair company. We’ll come out quickly to handle your refrigerator repair.

The Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Is Malfunctioning

When your fridge’s evaporator fan breaks, the fridge will not be able to circulate cold air inside the unit. When this situation happens, you’ll need to get the fan unit replaced.

Damper Control Assembly Is Broken

There is a flow of air that goes from the freezer compartment to the fridge compartment. The flow of air is controlled by the damper control. When this control breaks, the refrigerator compartment will not cool properly. For DIY’ers and weekend warriors, here is a video that shows how to repair this problem. If you do not feel comfortable performing this kind of refrigerator repair, call Dragon Repair. We’ll fix your refrigerator quickly and affordably.

The Thermistor Is Broken

The thermistor is a piece of equipment that monitors air temperature. When this piece of equipment fails, the fridge will have problems maintaining the correct internal air temperatures. Broken thermistors will need to be replaced.

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