Garbage Disposal Repairs and Troubleshooting

The conveniences of having a garbage disposal are wonderful. It gets rid of food scraps and waste that you might not want to have sitting in your trash for too long. Furthermore, we get accustomed to having one but when it stops working or starts acting funny, it completely changes our meal preparation and our post meal cleanup methods. The garbage disposal is a complicated device that requires the skills of a trained professional. If your garbage disposal is having problems, be sure to contact Dragon Repair.

More than likely there are many garbage disposal companies at your fingertips. However, not all of them have the same high quality standards and record of exceptional service like Dragon Repair does. We prioritize your needs and we make sure that the job is done well beyond your expectations at an affordable price.

  • If you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied and we will rectify the situation.
  • We can fix all appliances and one service call can get your home in working order soon.
  • Our schedule is flexible and we work around the clock. This means that you will have service the same day or the next day.
  • We know what our competitors are charging. We are extremely competitive and provide a higher standard of workmanship.
  • All of our techs are highly trained and proficient.
  • We service all makes and models of garbage disposals.

brands of garbage disposals

We repair these garbage disposal brands:

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For all garbage disposal repair jobs or any appliance repair for that matter, it is best to find the company that truly suits you. Many homeowners tend to find the company that is available immediately. However when doing this, you may experience a repair job that not only does it leave you in the same position that you stated with but you also might have had to pay them for a job poorly done. It is always advisable to find a company that best suits your needs and exhibits a reputation that has professionalism, good pricing, and excellent customer service. Be sure to do your research so that when you call on your trusted appliance repairman, you will be able to call them with confidence and trust.

A garbage disposal can be tricky and sure enough, it might sound fine one minute and make a clanking noise the next. These appliances are sensitive even though they are built to be tough. We service all makes and models of garbage disposals and more than likely, one of our seasoned service techs will be able to get your garbage disposal working as it should in no time. We have fixed thousands of garbage disposals and there are some common malfunctioning traits that we see in most of them regardless of brand or model:

  • Your garbage disposal gets jammed frequently: You need to free your disposal. There may possibly be foreign objects stuck which is causing it to jam up and make a humming sound.
  • Your garbage disposal is making a weird humming or clanking sound and gets stuck: This means that the disposal is jammed up and even though there is power, it is getting stuck. The wheel of the disposal is unable to move properly.
  • Your garbage disposal is leaking: Typically when a garbage disposal is leaking, the leak can be caused from different areas in your garbage disposal. Even if the leak appears that it is coming from the bottom of the disposal, sometimes this is not the case. These are the four locations where a leak usually occurs in a garbage disposal: the sink flange, the dishwasher hose, the drain, or the bottom of your garbage disposal.
  • Your disposal does not grind your food like it used to: These types of problems can usually be attributed to loose or broken blade. Thankfully, these are not expensive to repair and one of our techs can do it quickly.
  • Your disposal does not turn or or does not work at all: This may be caused by an electrical issue. It could be a tripped circuit and the garbage disposal needs to be reset. As simple as it seems, your garbage disposal can be unplugged as well. Be sure to check and it won’t cost you a dime!

Garbage Disposal Tips

  • You can use your garbage disposal to get rid of any buildup and waste that is happening under your sink.
  • Your garbage disposal barely uses energy when it is working.
  • Be sure to run only cold water when running your garbage disposal.
  • Be aware of what is acceptable and what is bad to feed into your garbage disposal. Many homeowners think that they can put anything down their disposal. You do not want to clog your pipes which will prevent the normal use of your garbage disposal.

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