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No job is too big or too small for Dragon Repair. When your over-the-range microwave is acting funny, usually it is something that we can fix at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing a new one. Our work is guaranteed so if you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back. You will be impressed with our professionally trained staff who have had to pass a rigorous hiring process. We are professional, courteous, and will do the job correctly the first time.

We have experience with all makes and models of microwaves and we have built a strong and honest reputation. We strive to get your over the range microwave repaired with time-efficiency and at an affordable cost. Part of the professional reputation that we have built is based on this philosophy. We are proud in giving honest estimates, service, and we will gladly answer any questions that you might have.

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As with all appliances, over the range microwaves will eventually need a repair job after some wear and tear. We have experience repairing all makes and models of over the range microwaves and have a thorough understanding of the subtle differences between different models. Let one of our techs have a look at yours and more than likely, we will get it up and running again. Most people are quick to throw away their over the range microwave and have a new one installed. Since we are so focused on honesty, we will, by all means, let you know if it is worth fixing or if it would be a better investment to have it replaced. Many homeowners are amazed at how much it costs to repair a microwave instead of purchasing a new one.

People have busy schedules and the conveniences of having an over the range microwave are endless. Furthermore, the quality of these microwaves has greatly improved and these microwaves are not typically a device that you would be willing to throw away easily. Many homeowners find that they use their over the range microwave to prepare an entire meal because it limits the amount of dishes and cooking time. It is extremely dangerous to attempt to fix your over the range microwave unless you are a trained technician. Although a microwave might seem like a simple device to fix and there is a lot of information on the Internet that will guide you on how to fix it, it is extremely dangerous. A microwave can deliver electric shocks that are fatal. It is always best to contact a professional for any of your microwave repair needs. Some of the most common problems that we encounter with over the range microwaves are:

Weird noises like a whirring sound: This could possibly be one of 4 things. The turn table, the exhaust fan, the magnetron tube, or the stirrer motor. Regardless of which one is causing your over the range microwave to make an unpleasant sound, a seasoned repair tech will be able to spot that and fix your microwave with no problem.

The display does not work: These problems usually fall under one of two categories. The first one, the display board might play a role. This is usually the case when your display is only partially working. In circumstances when it is completely not working, then it usually is the control board or the main control board.

No heat but the timer is functioning: This could be a blown magnetron. It could be faulty power diodes as well as a capacitor that is defective.

The turntable does not move: This type of issue usually suggest a microwave turntable motor issue. However, be sure that the internal cavity is clean and free from food. You would be surprised at how many calls we get that someone’s turntable is not working and when we get out there, it is a simple cleaning issue.

The door does not close properly: This may indicate a microwave door latch spring repair. Once again, be sure to check to see if there is any gunk in the door and clean it off if you do see some. This could be the culprit.

You see smoke or can smell a burning odor: Your electrical components might be failing. Be sure to refrain from using it and call us immediately.

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