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Dragon Repair has highly educated techs that are factory trained in repairing all makes and models of stoves and ranges. Stoves and ranges serve an important function in most households and although they all are used for meal preparation, there are subtle differences that can vary from one brand to another. Even the same brand and model can vary from one year’s model to another.

If your stove top or range has started to malfunction, it is important that you contact a professional to repair it. Make sure that the company that you hire only has trained and licensed techs who specialize in American and European models.

Dragon Repair has a rigorous hiring process and we make sure that all of our service repairmen are the best in their field. Our staff can effectively diagnose and repair your range or stovetop to the root of the problem.


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Our company believes that by being honest and professional, we will keep our customers happy and satisfied. Using this philosophy, we have been able to build our customer base. Our customers are loyal and many have referred us to their friends and family. Not only are we known for our honesty and professionalism, but our prices are affordable. We can even repair your range or stovetop in the same day so that your kitchen will be in working order with minimal down time.

Typical Range And Stovetop Issues

  • It won’t heat or turn on: This could be your heating element. As with all appliances, enough wear and tear may cause the heating element to go out. This is an easy fix and can be done inexpensively. If you have a gas stovetop, it is possible that you pilot light could be out. The smell of gas may be an indicator that your pilot light needs to be re-lit. Also your burner ports could be clogged. Another reason that your stovetop or range may not be working is because your power may out. Check circuit breaker or your fuse panel.
  • It gets too hot: Usually, when this occurs, it happens because of the infinite switch or control. The temperature sensor might be faulty which gives the range a signal to turn the elements to turn on or off.
  • Stove glass top cracked: This is an easy repair and is quite typical for glass stove tops. If you notice that your stovetop is cracked or cracked, be sure to have it replaced right away.
  • Stove burners sparking: The spark module, spark electrode, or spark wire might be defective. Also, this can be cause by problematic elements, possible loose connections or there could be an issue with the wiring.
  • Stove heating element burnt out: After much wear and tear, heating elements will burn out. These are easy and affordable to replace. When the heating element is going out, it resembles a sparkler and once it begins to burn, the heating coil is permanently damaged and must be replaced.
  • Stove won’t turn off: The surface element switch is defective and needs to be replaced. The surface element switch is what sends electricity to the element coil. When it is dysfunctional, the electrical contacts fuse which makes the switch send continuous electricity to the surface element.

These are the most common issues that you may experience with your range or stove top. If you are attempting to repair an oven and do not have the proper training and safety standards, be aware of the fact that it is dangerous. Ovens, ranges and stoves should only be repaired by skilled technicians who have the knowledge and experience.

This will ensure your household’s safely while making sure that your range or stove top get in safe, working order. Repairs carried out by unqualified individuals are known for causing serious injury or even death in some cases. Don’t try to fix and oven range or stove unless you are an expert. Contact us today for the lowest prices guaranteed for range or stove-top repair.

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