How To Prevent Bad Odors In The Fridge

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homeowner who needs refrigerator repair drexel hill pa At times, people forget items kept in their fridges, thus leaving them in there for too long. Most foods will start to rot within several days. The cold temperature will not be enough to contain the odor, and one can be sure to be hit by a stinky draft upon opening the door. This will likely linger even after the rotting items have been removed. Still, odors can occur if one fails to clean their fridge for a while. There are however a few tips that could help in deodorizing a stinky refrigerator and prevent bad odors in future.


First, you’ll have to clean the fridge thoroughly. Switch off and unplug the fridge from the power supply. You then need to empty the shelves and drawers; discard any expired items and place anything else you intend to keep in a cooler. Toss ½ cup of baking soda into a sink full of warm water, and soak the fridge’s interior components in this mixture. Wash and rinse all the parts, then dry them thoroughly.


Clean the walls, floor and other fixed parts of the fridge using a cloth dampened with soapy water and vinegar. Don’t forget to clean the drip tray, which is usually located beneath the fridge. Take caution while doing this, as it usually contains dirty water. Dry all the surfaces completely and place everything back where it belongs.


Baking soda works well as an odor remover. You can spread a can of baking soda across a sheet and place it in the fridge. Close the door and leave the baking soda for at least 24 hours to absorb the smells. When the odor disappears completely, you can now discard the baking soda. White vinegar also works well in neutralizing smells. You can put a cup or bowl in the refrigerator, or even mix it with water for a good cleaning solution.

Leave an open container of baking soda at all times to counteract everyday smells. You could also slice up a lemon and place it on a plate in the fridge to leave a charming, citrusy scent behind. Another solution would be to soak several cotton balls in vanilla extract and keep them in the fridge for a few hours. The result will be a clean, fresh aroma.

Keep Bad Odors From Returning

Always set your fridge’s temperature at the correct level. The best temperature for storing food in a refrigerator is between 37 and 41 degrees. Any colder would use up too much energy, while any warmer will result in food spoiling quicker. Optimal temperature goes hand-in-hand with ensuring good circulation of air. This helps spread the cool air around to preserve items located in all corners of the refrigerator.

You can place a small thermometer in different areas to monitor temperature variations. If there are wide swings, you will need refrigerator repair services to help restore proper circulation. An appliance repair specialist would also come in handy if bad fridge odors are caused by water leakage or another malfunction.

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Refrigerator Repair Drexel Hill PA 

Your refrigerator plays a major role in the functionality of your home. It keeps preserves your food and keeps it fresh. It is important that you clean it and conduct refrigerator maintenance on it. When there is a bad odor there could be more at stake than you might be aware of. Be sure to schedule a refrigerator repair service to get your fridge back in working order. We also service other appliances such as washing machines, dryers, ranges, stoves, cooktops, wall ovens, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and wine refrigerators.

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