What Is The Lifespan Of A Refrigerator

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Most experts agree that standard refrigerators can last anywhere between 10 to 18 years. This depends on how they are taken care of. In such a case the average lifespan can be placed at 14 years. Compact refrigerators can remain functional for about 4 to 12 years making their average life expectancy 8 years. With these facts in mind, it is important for anyone that wishes to enjoy the benefits of a functional refrigerator to consider various issues including cleanliness, maintenance and repair.

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Tips To Ensure Longer Refrigerator Lifespan

Clean the door seals – Any dirt or debris piling on the door seals can hinder proper closure. This ultimately forces your refrigerator to work twice as hard as it should. The result is a shorter lifespan. To guard against such outcomes, ensure that you regularly clean the door seals using a clean cloth and warm water. It may be a good idea to call in an expert to examine the seals and repair any damage that may have caused it to get loose.

Give it room – Refrigerators generally function optimally when they are allowed some space to breathe. This means you should get rid of any objects that may be obstructing proper air circulation around the unit. Remove any heavy objects on top of the refrigerator to prevent cracks or vents.

Keep the coils clean -Condenser coils that are filled with refrigerant are what makes it possible for your unit to cool or freeze liquids. When these coils are covered in dirt and other forms of debris, they may not be able to function properly. It is wise to call in an expert to do the cleaning so as to avoid any wrongful cleaning.

Ensure it is level – Refrigerators that rock from one side to another tend to incur minor damages that become extremely destructive if not dealt with in time. To prevent such occurrences, place your unit on stable ground and remove any objects that may cause it to swing or move. Keep the unit on level ground to prevent spilling of water from the inside.

Consider Professional Services

While you may do your best to take care of your unit, the truth is that there are certain tasks that may require skilled hands. If, for example, you notice that your refrigerator no longer works as before, this could indicate damage. Only a professional service provider can come in and assess the situation before carrying out any repairs.

Professional service providers can also carry out routine refrigerator maintenance to ensure that your unit is working optimally. This will help guard against incurring inflated energy bills at the end of the month. It will also be a good way to ensure that safety is maintained within the home or workplace.

Timely repair, regular maintenance, quality hygiene and safety measures are some of the most important things to keep in mind when thinking about extending the lifespan of your refrigerator regardless of model or size.

Refrigerator Repair Services Upper Darby PA

image of refrigerator repair services Upper Darby PANo one wants to replace their refrigerator sooner than it needs to be. By maintaining it, you will be able to make your fridge last as long as it should. Be sure to schedule a refrigerator repair service when your fridge seems to be having issues. Additionally, make sure that you contact a professional appliance company for refrigerator maintenance services.

For maintenance and repair services, contact Dragon Repair.  We also service other appliances such as washing machines, dryers, ranges, stoves, cooktops, wall ovens, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and wine refrigerators.

We service Clifton Heights PA 19018, Darby PA 19023, Drexel Hill PA 19026, Havertown PA 19083, Lansdowne PA 19050, Merion Station PA 19066, Upper Darby PA 19082, Wynnewood PA 1909, and surrounding areas. 

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When your refrigerator is in need of a repair service, be sure to contact Dragon Repair immediately.

Keys To Refrigerator Maintenance

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