Refrigerator Repairs and Troubleshooting

At Dragon Repair, we provide speedy repair service calls for all types of refrigerator problems. Our technicians can fix standard, top-mount refrigerators as well as side-by-side, commercial units, french door styled units, mini fridges, bottom drawer freezer units and more.

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • My freezer doesn’t get cold enough.
  • The refrigerator side is warming up but my freezer side is totally fine.
  • Both sides of my fridge (fridge and freezer) are not cooling.
  • I see a frost build up in the fresh food area.
  • My ice dispenser is constantly getting blocked up due to frost.
  • The bottom of my freezer compartment has a sheet of ice buildup.
  • Water is dripping under the food crisper drawer.
  • I see water under my fridge, on the floor.
  • The freezer is making weird noises.
  • There is a strange noise coming from behind the refrigerator.

If you need your fridge repaired, we make it a priority! Simply call us and we’ll dispatch a service tech to your home, apartment or office as soon as possible.

Collection of different types of refrigerators needing repair

We understand that broken refrigerators are stressful and a huge problem, resulting is lots of wasted money due to food going bad. If you are experiencing issues with your fridge, there are a few troubleshooting tips that you can try prior to calling an appliance repair company.

Check the power. Make sure that electricity is getting to your refrigerator. Sometimes the power cord comes loose. Sometimes the circuit breaker or fuse has tripped. In either case, make sure that there is electricity getting to the fridge.

Check that the doors are closing properly. In some cases, the fridge or freezer may not be cooling correctly because there is something preventing the door from closing 100%. Be sure that all the food is properly placed on the shelves inside the fridge and that nothing is preventing the doors from closing all the way.

Some common repairs include malfunctioning door seals, broken ice-makers, water leaking under the bottom of the unit, a total cooling breakdown or noisy fan unit. Other issues that we address are malfunctioning fan motors causing the air to stop circulating and broken defrost timers.

We repair these refrigerator brands:

Kitchen Aid
Magic Chef


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