When Should Washing Machine Hoses Be Changed?

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washing machine bala cynwyd paWhen people hear the words “flood damage,” they may have visions of rivers breaching their banks, water submerging cars on roads that have become tributaries, overflowing toilets and tubs, or even puddling from leaking water attached to a refrigerator ice maker. However, you might be surprised that more than $150 million in flood damage per year is caused by failing or burst washing machine hoses. Even a tiny leak can result in thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Dragon Repair, an professional appliance repair company, went to service a washing machine Bala Cynwyd PA and found extensive water damage because the homeowners left the house with the washer running and left for a few days. A hose burst and water was left pooling in the laundry room the entire time. 

How Often Do I Need To Change The Hoses?

Changing the hoses on your washing machine may not be high on your home maintenance list. Experts, however, advise that switching out the hot and cold water rubber hose connectors should be done at least every five years. If remembering when they are ready to be changed looks to be a problem, it is suggested changing them every presidential election year, which also are leap years. Vote for a new president, add an extra day to the year, and change the hoses.

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Flood Protection Methods

Washing machine hoses are ripe for catastrophic failure because rubber looses its flexibility as it ages, becoming more brittle and subject to breakage. Add to that the fact that these hoses experience a shock every time the washing machine shuts itself off.

Often called a “water hammer,” this shock wave effect can damage pipes throughout the home by causing them to shake and bang against fixtures inside the walls and floors when the water is turned off. Damage from this banging against other solid objects can be arrested by installing shock absorbers for pipes or other protective devices.

One way to protect against a sudden flood from a failed washing machine hose is to do what manufacturers recommend and turn off the water when the machine is not being used. Since homeowners rarely follow this advice, a good Plan B would be to install an emergency shut off kit. Battery operated and equipped with a water sensor, they will sound an alarm if a leak is detected and automatically shut off the supply valves.

Hoses that are covered with a metal woven sleeve are better than the rubber hoses. They are more resistant to age and failure. They cost as little as $20 per pair or less.

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Changing The Hoses

The actual task of changing washing machine hoses is one of the easier home maintenance chores. One expert has equated it with hooking up a garden hose. All it requires is a wrench or pliers to help unscrew the old, worn hoses. You will also need to give it an extra twist once the hand-tighten hoses are in place.

First, shut off the water and unplug the machine. Keep a bucket available as you remove the old hoses so you can drain any remaining water from the tubes. Install the new hose, which should be the same size as the one it is replacing. To make certain of this, you may want to take the old hose with you to the hardware store. When the hoses are in tight, then plug the washer back in. Turn the water connection back on, and do your next load of laundry. Although this task is easy, it is always best to consult a professional appliance repair company. This is especially when you suspect that your washing machine or any other appliance needs maintenance. 


Maintain Your Washing Machine Bala Cynwyd PA

Maintaining your washing machine will make it run more efficiently and will allow your washer to last throughout its lifespan. Be sure to change its hoses and clean it out. Be sure to contact an expert appliance repair and maintenance company to inspect your washer. Dragon Repair can conduct washing machine services as well as maintain any of your home’s appliances. Be sure to contact Dragon Repair for all of your appliance needs.

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Best Ways To Maintain Your Washing Machine

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